HD replacement in Dell Inspiron 1150

  OldCelt 10:38 22 Jul 06

I have a new HD to fit (exact spec as existing - Toshiba MK4026GAX).

I can't see how to get into the case to make the replacement. Can anybody help please?


  VoG II 10:53 22 Jul 06

Does click here help?

  OldCelt 13:10 23 Jul 06

Thanks for the pointer. However, I seem to have a more tricky case. The screwdriver slot is present on the top strip but when I try to prise it loose, it seems to be trapped under the lid hinges. I can't find the way to free it.


  OldCelt 11:25 28 Jul 06

No further ideas then?


  ventanas 12:02 28 Jul 06

Full instructions in the service manual click here

  OldCelt 12:11 28 Jul 06

TVM - just what I needed - most grateful.


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