h/d not seen

  emmos 11:11 04 Apr 06

This is a continuation from yesterdays post,took conponenents out of working pc to build a new one- the new one wouldn't even boot up, removed bits and put them back together in the old pc, it now says that a hardrive is not connected , could the h/d fail as easy as that. Dave

  SANTOS7 11:20 04 Apr 06

First thing to do would be to see if the HDD IS connected, per say the connections are firmly in place.........

  emmos 11:26 04 Apr 06

yes everything is fitted ok Its been in and out several times, I'm about to try a different h/d, could the fault be the ram? Dave

  SANTOS7 11:28 04 Apr 06

If you are getting the normal ONE bios beep at post probably not

  emmos 11:31 04 Apr 06

No beeps! Dave

  SANTOS7 11:50 04 Apr 06

Could be PSU or Mobo problem (short) or something like that

  emmos 12:08 04 Apr 06

just fitted an old h/d and it boots up - sort of! suggests that the h/d is knackered, any ideas how you retrieve info from a dead h/d. Dave

  SANTOS7 12:18 04 Apr 06

click here
can't really reccomend one, but one of these may have the answer,good luck
All i can suggest is when your PC is up and running
BACKUP your data to removable media like discs...

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