HD kill..invisible partition on laptop crucial?

  fx_viper 16:09 02 Dec 05

Hi there,

my gericom laptop comes up with a black screen saying basically the HD is dead, it also mentions SMART. I'm not bothered in buying a new HD, but is the few GB of recovery data on the HD crucial?

I do have a factory XP cd and driver cd to go back to factory defaults.

If that data is crucial, any way I can get copied to a new HD?

cheers to all

  uisquebeathus 16:22 02 Dec 05

the recovery of data from a hard drive depends a lot on the fault, if it is a drive controller we can swap a new or working controller then retreve the data. If the drive disks are corrupt, or mft damaged, or formatted wrongly sometimes the data can be retrieved. the software can be expensive and getting companies like Ontrack for example to do this is very expensive, you have to really decide how important the data is. software like Swissknife is free, and worth try, having a SMART error does not look to good though as they only occur near the end of the drive manufacturers technical life span.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:29 02 Dec 05

is the few GB of recovery data on the HD crucial?

only if you do not have all the drivers for the laptop equipment.

Use Everest Home Edition click here
to find all the quipment on the laptop (after you have fitted a new drive and installed windows of course)

You can then probably find all the drivers on the net.

  woodchip 19:40 02 Dec 05

Buy a cheap USB caddy put the disc in and connect to other computer click here

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