HD failing ????

  Jaro 08:40 02 Dec 07

Hi, i would like to ask if anyone know what would be the problem: my friend pc started going very slow it would take 30min just to boot to windows. i tried to repair windows installation but its taking ages just to start repairing. i tested PSU with tester and when i plugged 24 pin connector to it one of the lights on tester the -5V did not come on. would that be a prob? i thing its either PSU or HD failing. What do you thing would be the culprit? any advise appreciated. thank you

  Jaro 09:06 02 Dec 07

anybody please ?

  Pamy 09:39 02 Dec 07

you can go to the HDD makers site and download diagnostic software that will fit on a floppy. You then boot up with the floppy and it will check the HDD

  Jaro 11:24 02 Dec 07

ok thank you will try it

  Jaro 12:15 02 Dec 07

hi, well i have tried to use diagnostic software for my HD but when i was trying to load it from CD rom it would go to the point when i should accept Seagate conditions but i could not use keyboard or mouse it just did not work. i tried to use usb mouse or normal one but not avail. i am starting to thing that its not HD that is faulty but its actually Motherboard. cos you can feel that HD is working its spinning so i suppose its working. i tried test RAM its fine. i dont know what else it could be? i do not have SATA to IDE converter so i can not connect this HD to my PC to try to get to it. what else it could be please help me with this one.

  Jaro 12:28 02 Dec 07

i will have to leave house soon but please keep posting all you suggestions i will read them and answer if required when i get back. thank you

  Jaro 13:17 02 Dec 07

please can anybody advise just give me some thoughts

  Earthsea 13:41 02 Dec 07

Even though it's slow the machine can boot and function?

How full and fragmented is the hard drive?

  €dstowe 13:46 02 Dec 07

Are virus and other malware checks regularly done - using up to date checking software?

  Jaro 00:09 03 Dec 07

the PC could boot to windows but it would take loong time to do so. can not find out how full is the drive i tried to connect it to my PC with my sata to USB converter it would see the HD but its impossible to read the files and its this weird noise coming from HD like it would really trying hard to work but .... ??? i wanted to try to go to HD properties but it would take ages to get there then i have to unplug HD from my PC so it can work again. i thing its HD i have ordered another one and i will get back with results. thank you for help

  Jaro 00:11 03 Dec 07

impossible to scan HD cos is inaccessible from any PC so i will never find out that i guess thank you anyway for help

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