Having trouble with HP530 closing down.

  Fudgeley 16:53 06 Aug 09

I am despeate for some help. i am anin technical mum who is trying to sort out her daughters laptop without an expensive repair.

A couple of weeks ago my daughters laptop just started to switch itself off. This could be after various timeframes.

It was suggested to me that a two year old laptop might be having battery problems so this has been replaced.

When I first replaced the battery it dutifully charged up to 100% and stayed that way and I thought the issue had been resolved. However, I have been using it today and maonitoring shut off times and battery status etc.

Even when plugged directly into the mains the charge is steadily dropping.The green battery icon however tells me it is plugged and charging. It loses about 10% over 10 minutes which seems to be similar to the power lost when running on battery alone.I am running on power saver mode.The screen is fully back lit as if it is running on amains supply rather than the dimmer batter display.

I truly hope i have managed to give as much detail as possible and there might be an answer to this problem.

  rawprawn 17:41 06 Aug 09

I don't know the answer to your question, but
"Even when plugged directly into the mains the charge is steadily dropping."
suggests a short circuit somewhere.
Maybe someone with more knowledge can help, I hope so it sounds a very unusual problem.

  rawprawn 19:47 06 Aug 09

Just a thought, have you checked the wiring inside the mains plug? is it loose?. It's possible that the mains supply is not consistent which would cause your computer to run on it's battery thus discharging it even though it is plugged in.

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