Having recently started my own

  Marko797 21:35 PM 30 Jan 08

I hope this will be beneficial. On the face of it a good idea.

What are we discussing; business set-up & associated costs, VAT registration, taxation, corporation tax, accountants, payroll, HMRC? All interesting stuff, let's see how it goes.

  Forum Editor 22:04 PM 30 Jan 08

if you like. Any questions, just ask.

  Marko797 22:12 PM 30 Jan 08

I've been thru the pain of setting this up without any prior knowledge, so willing to advise/assist others who might be thinking of it. All in the spirit of the forum of course.

  Marko797 22:24 PM 30 Jan 08

Anyone aware of what the reason is for the backlog at HMRC for registration of VAT (if other than sheer volume), and when they hope to resolve the issue?

Mine's been with them for weeks so am currently invoicing less VAT, with the proviso that my registration is with HMRC and will therefore invoice in due course.

This seems to be an acceptable approach with the client fortunately.

  Forum Editor 15:08 PM 31 Jan 08

Sheer volume is the answer, I suspect. It's not unusual.

  Marko797 19:27 PM 31 Jan 08

yes had this confirmed.


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