Having problems with 301 redirect

  edenworkshops 16:04 30 Jul 12


I am in the process of setting up my first 301 redirect.

I have created the .htaccess file.

As expected it did not have a file icon denoting what sort of file it was.

However when I went to enter the code for my redirects, I slected "Notepad" to edit it, but failed to notice that the box was ticked which said "always use this program to open this type of file.

Now the .htacces file has a Notepad icon.

Is this important? If so how do I change the notepad icon back to what it was?

Thank you


  KRONOS the First 16:43 30 Jul 12

Right click Notepad-Properties-Change icon.

  edenworkshops 16:56 30 Jul 12

I can see how to change the present icon to another, but how do I revert back to the original "no icon" icon.

Does that make sense?


  KRONOS the First 17:07 30 Jul 12

No,not really, but I am having a c##p day. What is it that you do not want to have an icon? Can I rightly assume that it is the .htaccess redirect file?

  Forum Editor 19:54 30 Jul 12

This question really belongs in our Webdesign forum - I'm transferring it now.

  Forum Editor 20:02 30 Jul 12

**"Now the .htacces file has a Notepad icon. Is this important?"**

No, it's not. Notepad creates unformatted text files, and that's what you want for your .htaccess file. Just name the notepad file in the normal way, don't worry about the icon. It's a text file, and that's what matters.

  ethelbert 19:58 11 Aug 12

Try this website - it is very good



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