Having problem setting up email on my nexus 7

  mickyrod 28 Feb 13

58 year old guy needs help in setting up my nexus!

I have a supanet account and I am trying to set up email on my new nexus. I can put in the incoming mail info ok. But when I put in the outgoing info I get this message "Couldn't open connection to server"

Help please!!!!!

  muddypaws 28 Feb 13


There is another thread here and I also get the same error.

enter link description here

  mickyrod 28 Feb 13

thanks muddypaws. I have a feeling it might have something to do with the smtp port. On my PC i have it set at 25 and it all works ok. However if I try to put 25 in on the nexus it says Authentication methods aren't supported by server!

I am totaly out of ideas.

I have spent the last three hours going round in circles and still have no email.

  muddypaws 28 Feb 13

And another thread if you haven't seen it here

Haven't tried these settings yet.

  muddypaws 28 Feb 13

Pending a solution I have put Tiscali web mail into my favoutites and work from that, but am using gmail more since I got the N7

  chub_tor 28 Feb 13

Have you tried Port 587 for smtp, it seems to be an alternative from some other threads that I have read.

  Batch 01 Mar 13

mickyrod - is your broadband with supanet as well? If not who is your broadband with?

  HenryF75 01 Mar 13

I had a similar problem with a Kyros android tablet and g mail. It was solved by putting an 'm' in place of the smtp i.e m.google.com for the server address inG mail. It may be worth trying something similar for supanet


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