having to press reset to start pc

  clarkneil 20:21 05 Apr 08

I have a really really annoying problem that is when i turn the pc on i get a blank screen apart from a message on the monitor which says "digital power save mode" but if i press reset button on the pc it all turns on ok, ive checked in the bios and the correct setting is selected for the monitor and in the control panel settings it is set as my primary monitor. Ive just done a reformat but the problem is still there..
My monitor is a LG L194w,
My processor is AMD Athlon x2 4200+
Not sure what the motherborad is but it uses Radeon xpress 1100,
Gfx card is Radeon X1650pro PCI express and im using XP SP2, and any help would be very helpfull!!..

  recap 20:59 05 Apr 08

Does your monitor have both VGA and DVI? (aka blue and white connectors) You might have the comp hooked up through VGA and the monitor could be set on DVI, and thus getting no signal as far as it is concerned.

If it is, it means the monitor isn't getting any video signal which could be a number of things.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:10 05 Apr 08

Check power saving options in the BIOS.

  clarkneil 15:53 06 Apr 08

recap, its a DVI monitor and it is hooked up to the DVI socket on the grx card and ive made sure the pci express is selected in the BIOS.

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