Having loaded SP3 XP on laptop

  night 12:14 18 Aug 08

I find the address bar has gone from the task bar on Desk Top, have tried right clicking on task bar but there is no mention of being able to add address bar which is so handy is it possible to get this back ?

  Seth Haniel 12:45 18 Aug 08

click on toolbars - select address

  night 13:08 18 Aug 08

I apologise Seth, because I forgot to mention I do look under Toolbars and yet it isn't there. That's what is so strange.

  Eric10 13:12 18 Aug 08

XP SP3 replaces the file "browseui.dll" with a newer version (Modified: 14 April 2008) that doesn't include the Address option as a toolbar. If you can get the SP2 version (Modified: 04 August 2004) of this file you can rename the new version in Windows\system32 and replace it with the SP2 version.
You will need to do this in SAFE MODE as the file will be in use when Windows is running normally.

If you have a Windows SP2 CD or an i386 folder this will have the compressed version called browseui.dl_. This can be extracted with the "Expand" command from a command prompt.

  Eric10 13:27 18 Aug 08

There are some interesting comments about why it was removed on this Microsoft forum. click here

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