having a bad night,windows freezing

  frankie 19:50 19 Apr 07

having a bad night,windows freezing,all the time when i try to download and save files,the window pops up i say save it starts to download then it just freezes cant do nothing mouse stops dead,cntr/alt delete does nought,only a hard restart to get pc going again,can get on net etc,am running xp pro,ie6 took off ie7 but was alright,have all updates spyware and anti virus find nothing,ccleaner nothing wrong,it happens on adaware update as well,

  Technotiger 19:56 19 Apr 07

Hi, sounds like something hardware related. Have you made any hardware changes recently, perhaps added RAM or whatever.

  oseven 20:00 19 Apr 07

Try having a look at Task manager to see if a Process is hoging all your CPU capacity.

  frankie 20:08 19 Apr 07

no hardware changes,task manager was all running smooth and level,doesnt appear to be memory hogging,such a pain this,my intention was to update to latest nvidia but why these crashes,anything to do with the last windows updates did try system restore but still doing it,

  Technotiger 20:14 19 Apr 07

Hmm, still seems to indicate hardware rather than software. Is it still freezing intermittently, if so I would suspect possibly failing mem stick or PSU.

  frankie 20:36 19 Apr 07

have two times 512 installed shows fine on boot,psu fan working and seems fine cant really check output,any tests i can do ?

  frankie 20:38 19 Apr 07

further to above surfing net its all fine its just when i try to download something and save it,not any p2p,just progs,or updates,

  skidzy 20:40 19 Apr 07

Briefly disable your firewall and try again....possible update to your firewall has caused this.

  skidzy 20:47 19 Apr 07

Alternatively boot into safemode and run all anti virus and antispyware programs and if still no joy,boot back into safemode and try Last known Good Configuration.

Tapping F8 on startup will get you into safemode.

  Technotiger 20:51 19 Apr 07

Sorry, been away, takin' me tablets :-) I would go with skidzy ..

  User-312386 20:52 19 Apr 07

Restart the computer and start hitting the Delete key to get into the BIOS.

When in the BIOS look under the PC Health section and advise what the CPU temperature is please

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