have to restore computer

  aboutit 17:01 23 Apr 04

I switched my computer on XP Home edition E30 machine and received the mess:Win\System32\Config the file is missing or corrupt pls insert start up disc and press r at opening screen. I bought this machine from Dixons 6 months ago and all I have are 2 restore discs.I rang PC World and they informed me I would have to do a full system restore. I`ve done this now but when I went to Microsoft for updates(quite a few) I got the mess need winpatch. I then ran a virus check and it showed 4 virus one being sychost.exe and also nimba. How can this have happened when I`d just done a full restore. Also did I really need to do the restore.Why don`t you get the disc needed and what is the best way to save all my work in case this ever happens again.? All elp appreciated

  Xevious 17:04 23 Apr 04

you only need a connection to the net and the blaster worm can find it's way onto your PC (syshost and svchost - which will be found under C:\windows\system32\wins)

download stinger.exe click here as well as the microsoft patch which will close the port and stop the blaster worm from re-entering the system...

good luck!

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