Have a problem with Sempron

  SOREBLADE 17:07 06 Oct 05

It is 2.8ghz but only shows up as 1.67 someone else had this prob and got advised to change the power in the bios but this doesn't work????

  dan11 17:15 06 Oct 05

As Far as I know, there is no such thing as a 2.8Ghz sempron. Do you know the model number.

A 754 pin 2800+ will run at 1.6Ghz. click here. A 939 pin sempron will run at 1.8Ghz.

  dan11 17:16 06 Oct 05

Sorry that should read " a 939 pin 3000+ sempron will run at 1.8Ghz."

  SOREBLADE 17:22 06 Oct 05

No such thing?? Why that lying evil person I'll kill him!!!! Sorry oh maybe it is just socket 462 1.67 would a 1.4 Athlon be better then????

  dan11 17:36 06 Oct 05

The sempron 2800+ runs at 2.0Ghz or 1.6Ghz. This will depend on the model number.

  bremner 17:43 06 Oct 05

For quite a few years AMD have named their processors without direct reference to the clock speed.

ie a 2800+ is NOt a 2.8GHz

The idea was make speed less of an issue - (some hope) but to give customers an idea of how the CPU rated against Intel

so an AMD 2800+ (1.67Ghz) would give comparable performance to an Intel 2.8Ghz processor

  SOREBLADE 17:45 06 Oct 05

Hmm I know that I guess the guy I bought it off didn't oh well it still works great! I guess if I wanted I could over clock good idea??

  SOREBLADE 17:46 06 Oct 05

Would a 1.4 Athlon be better???

  bremner 17:47 06 Oct 05


  SOREBLADE 17:48 06 Oct 05

No an Athlon wouldn't be better??

  bremner 17:50 06 Oct 05


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