Have lost Games-Vista

  rancyroo 12 Sep 11

My wife plays Solitaire a lot. Don`t know how but have lost Solitaire and all the other Games from my computer. The folders are still there but they are empty. Have tried finding downloads to replace them without success.They are never the original replacements for the software I have lost. Computer is Packard Bell ixtreme 3720 with Vista Home Premium. I desperately need saving from extreme domestic hassle. Does anyone know how I can regain the original folder contents. Other versions I have downloaded are different and not satisfactory. Anybody any ideas? Many thanks.

  c4rm0 12 Sep 11

Going into control panel / Add remove programs /Turn Windows features off or on / and Tick in the Games box and click on ok

The Games should then be back on

  rancyroo 12 Sep 11

Sorry but doesn`t work. Folder still comes up as empty.

  buteman 12 Sep 11

rancyroo maybe reboot and see if it works.

maybe check the recycle bin and see if they are in there.

or maybe a system restore to a date when they were working.

  woody 13 Sep 11

If she likes solitair - go to "PYSOLFC " free . http://pysolfc.sourceforge.net/

  buteman 13 Sep 11

From another forum.

Normally, to restore Windows features you would go to Start / Control Panel / Programs and Features / Turn Windows Features on and off / click on the + sign to the left of Games and check the Games box and choose the Games you want to have available by checking the appropriate boxes.

If you have already tried that and it did not work[usually you have to wait till it loads]maybe untick games wait till that loads and reboot and then go back and tick the games that you want to see. Once again wait till it loads and then try All programs and then games to see if it works.

If that fails you could try sfc /scannow in command prompt and see if that helps.

  rancyroo 13 Sep 11

Computer is restarted twice a day so no joy there. Did a system restore following problem with Windows Mail and have a feeling I lost the games in that procedure somehow. Empty the recycle bin regularly so nothing in there. Will have a look at pysolfc tonight. Many thanks for comments so far.

  rancyroo 13 Sep 11

Just seen your comments Buteman and will try tonight. Many thanks.

  Woolwell 13 Sep 11

To check whether Solitaire is installed then click on start and then in the search box type solitaire. This should bring up the solitaire program.

  rdave13 13 Sep 11

In the Start Menu, under Accessories, right click on "Command Prompt" to "Run as administrator".

At the command prompt type

Start /wait ocsetup InboxGames

This will take several minutes to complete. Once the command is complete you will return to the command prompt. This command does not return a message.

You will need to manually reboot the system to complete this method.

The Games should now start correctly from the Start Menu Games section.

  rancyroo 15 Sep 11

Pleased to say that I have found the Games. Still not there under Start Menu tree nor one branch of the C drive tree in"Computer". On another branch I tried Program files and there they were. Why they dont appear in all the other places I dont know. Thank you all for your efforts.


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