Have a internet connection but no web sites work!!

  Rickster007 18:23 12 Oct 05

I have a Briadband Speedtouch modem and it connects to teh computer via USB. Now when I load up IE6 and click on teh connect button i get an icon in teh system icon tray. the problem is that i cant open any web sites or sign in on MSN messenger. I have tried the same with mozilla and the problem still exits. I have used system restore and also disabled my fire wall and still the problem exists. Please help me.

  Magik ®© 18:27 12 Oct 05

have you looked in IE, options, privacy tab and slid the slider down to the half way mark..

  johnnyrocker 18:29 12 Oct 05

try start/run/cmd it should open a dos box type in there ipconfig and see what it comes up with, this will determine if your connected or not, also check file in top left of page and make sure work off line is not selected.


  Rickster007 18:29 12 Oct 05

by the way i have Windows XP Home and the broadband is Pipex Speedtouch

  Rickster007 18:30 12 Oct 05

Yeah i tried all the above and it says i am connected on "cmd"

  DieSse 19:21 12 Oct 05

This can mean the settings for the connection - DNS/etc are incorrect. Try re-installing the modem.

  Rickster007 00:30 13 Oct 05

Also tried reinstalling the modem, still no help

  BRYNIT 00:58 13 Oct 05

Have you tried removing power supply plug from modem leaving it for a few minuets and then plugging back in.

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