Have I lost these emails forever

  Rodz 21:51 22 Oct 08

I have a sky email account operated by windows internet explorer.
I don`t know if anyone works in this but it`s poor.
They don`t have folders but labels to transfer mail to from your inbox.
I opened two "labels" and transferred mail into them.
I opened up the new "labels" and the mail had been succesfully moved into them, however the transferred mail still shows in the inbox with it`s ticked box. To get rid of them from the inbox I have pressed delete which has in fact deleted them from the inbox.
They have also gone from my two "labels" which now show empty.
Is there anyway to retrieve these emails?

  brundle 23:31 22 Oct 08

It's based on Google Mail, look in `Bin` click here. Labels aren't folders, they are just what they say they are - you need to archive the messages to remove them from your inbox.

  Rodz 13:52 23 Oct 08

Thanks Brundle.

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