Have Broadband but acting like dial up.

  paul-261857 21:40 17 Feb 04

I am running windows xp, am on bt broad band but it is performing like dial up connection when I connect to the internet.When I disconect, my system is quick.have contacted bt broad band help desk,they ran a check and said it must be my computer.I fail to see how as when I am not connected,my system runs fine. any suggestions anyone.

  moore_mat 21:47 17 Feb 04

We need to know a bit more about your set up - how are you connected to BT Broadband? Do you have a broadband modem or router? Is it internal or external?

From your message - are you saying your whole computer runs slow when you connect? (e.g. is the mouse moving slow?)

From this we might be able to help a bit more



  accord 21:52 17 Feb 04

click here and carry out a speedtest. Report your results onhere and im sure someone will have an answer for you.

  paul-261857 21:56 17 Feb 04

I have a bt broadband voyager usb adsl modem,external. yes mouse moves inconsistantly.yes the whole system runs slowly when I connect,also it takes forever to boot up.

  AlHe 21:57 17 Feb 04

did you previously have a dial up connection? did you use it in conjunction with a download accelorater. if so remove it

  Gaz 25 21:59 17 Feb 04

This sounds like a driver problem.

See if you can download the latest drivers for your BT modem.

  paul-261857 22:05 17 Feb 04

jeez guys I am getting so many solutions here from your e mails I am overwelmed.Its gonna take me awile to try all of your suggestions.I really appreciate your solutions. thank you,the guy who said about the download accelorator might have a point. I will try all of your info and will let you guys know. thanks again.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:18 17 Feb 04

Make sure that the modem is connected directly to a USB on the main computer and NOT to an external USB port.


  Indigo 1 23:28 17 Feb 04

Make sure your old modem is disabled too.

  sicknote 23:38 17 Feb 04

The voyager modem i am lead to believe is power hungry with some PC systems/chipsets and can lead to hang up/freezing/etc.
Work round was to use/try/borrow a powered USB hub

  paul-261857 22:02 19 Feb 04

Have resolved my problem, it was due to having kazza downloaded music. had to remove program.
as soon as I did,system went back to max speed.
Thnx for all your suggestions.Beware guys about using Kazza.

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