have another look please

  denis93c 20:58 23 Mar 04

i posted this thread last year,i wondered if you all would look at this problem again please.
"my sister has an amber light on her xp tower pc,the pc runs slow for an 900mghz machine help please "
thanks in advance,oh its windows xp home edition.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:00 23 Mar 04

Need a bit nore info here. 900Mhz can be slow but how low do you mean, is it slow on boot, whilst opening programmes?


  Gongoozler 21:17 23 Mar 04

What is this amber light? If it is the power light, then it should be on all the time. If it's the hard drive access light, then it is indicating that the drive is being accessed all the time, and that would really slow things down.

  obbit 21:19 23 Mar 04

how much memory is there in the pc?

  denis93c 21:21 23 Mar 04

amber light on the tower.
the amber light stays on all the time were the green light should be.

  VoG II 21:22 23 Mar 04

Is there a symbol next to this light? Can you describe it?

  denis93c 21:24 23 Mar 04

she has 20 gigs of memory and 128mb ram(yes we know she should have at least 256mb ram).
computer slow in all areas.

  Gongoozler 21:28 23 Mar 04

There is no standard for light colour, the manufacturer can put any colour LED in there that he chooses. When you first switch on the computer, the power light should come on. As the computer boots into Windows there should be a lot of hard drive activity, and the hard drive light should flicker on and off as the drive is accessed to load Windows. This light should then go off until the drive is accessed again to read or write data. Excessive drive access can result from,among other things, insufficient RAM, virus or spyware activity, or Office quickstart.

  obbit 21:30 23 Mar 04

the minimum recomended memory today is 512meg. you could get by with 384meg at a pinch. more memory would help matters unless there is another problem.

  obbit 21:32 23 Mar 04

has the pc been defragged lately?

  denis93c 21:43 23 Mar 04

regular defragged,cleaned out,norton installed.etc
its running like a windows 95 speed

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