Has power cut knocked out my laptop?

  cyberphobic 09:07 28 Jul 04

On Saturday my laptop (Compaq Armada 7400 running XP Pro) was plugged in to the mains when we suffered a local power cut for an hour, since then it has been behaving very strangely! Firstly the keyboard was completely locked, it felt like there was a physical obstruction behind the keys, there is also a vertical multi coloured band about an inch wide on the left of the screen,and for 2 days I couldn't get into Windows at all. After many attempts i have now got it to boot up, and the keyboard problem has improved - but bizarrely only the following keys will work -tyasdfklxcm!! I know that this sounds like something from The Twilight Zone but it is a genuine problem, does anyone have any ideas or should I just claim on my insurance for a replacement?

  jonnytub 09:21 28 Jul 04

if you can boot up, can u do a system restore? i doubt this will help, especially with the keyboard prob, but it doesn't take long and may sort it.

  cyberphobic 11:28 28 Jul 04

Have tried to system restore to several different points without success

  jonnytub 11:30 28 Jul 04

can you get to a command prompt using your cd?

  TomJerry 11:37 28 Jul 04

If it was knocked out by power outrage/spike (not cut), it must be fired completly.

By the way, the Laptop maker's warrenty may not take responsibility for the damage caused by power outrage. However, the house content insurance may cover it, check your policy.

  jonnytub 11:40 28 Jul 04

i would have to agree judging by the problems experienced with the keyboard.

  cyberphobic 20:22 02 Aug 04

Much to my amazement, my insurance company are going to replace my Compaq Armada (cost £125 + VAT from Morgan Auctions)with a brand new Compaq NX9010 (Pentium 4 2.8, 30GB HDD, 256MB RAM, DVD/CDRW Drive etc etc) costing just under a grand. I recommend Allianz Cornhill to you all. I'm going straight out to buy an adaptor board to protect my laptop against current surges, I won't get this lucky twice!

  jonnytub 20:41 02 Aug 04

lucky sod, i'm glad to see it worked out in the end.

  sattman 20:53 02 Aug 04

You have been very fortunate, most companies would have asked for a damage report before coughing up a that amount.

  cyberphobic 22:19 02 Aug 04

I did have to take the laptop to my local PC shop who examined the machine, confirmed that they had had several other machines in damaged by the same surge/cut and confirmed that in their opinion the mobo was damaged and it was "beyond economical repair" I then had to fax this through to the insurance company, they did say that they would pay for the report (£40) but in the circumstances I don't think I'll be making a fuss about that!

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