has my Outlook Express passed away? Help please

  madirishman 15:52 26 Jan 08

Hello, for some reason I can no longer send or receive emails using Outlook express.

I get the following error message when I try to send an email,

OUTLOOK EXPRESS ERROR MESSAGE....The communication to the Serverhas failed. 'Account 'NTL'.Server ' Protocol SMTP Port 25. Secure (SSL) No, Socket error number. 0x800CCCOE.

I use WindowsME but my version of Internet Explorer is uptodate as far as I'm aware. Its version 6.0.28001106IS

many thanks,


  DieSse 15:57 26 Jan 08

Server ' is a local host, usually put there by anti-virus software, not the real server name at NTL.

I remember ME having this problem recurringly, particularly with Trend AV software. There never did seem to be a real cure - the problem doesn't seem to occur with XP (or maybe the AV vendors have got themselves more sorted now.

So - delete and redo your email account, with the correct NTL servers.

What AV software are you using? You may have to rest it to be active on your email again.

  johnnyrocker 16:25 26 Jan 08

try deleting and recreating the account?


  madirishman 12:44 16 Feb 08

Hello, sorry for the long delay in getting back to you. Could you tell me how I find the correct NTL servers?

The antivirus program I use is AVG free. I did try Avast but it slowed my PC down to a crawl.



  lofty29 12:54 16 Feb 08
  madirishman 13:18 16 Feb 08

Hello lofty9 I've been on the Virgin.com website as they bought NTL and it says that my server settings should be as follows:

email in pop.ntlworld.com
email out smtp.ntlworld.com

I've changed the server settings to this and now get a message saying my password is incorrect even though I have not altered it.

Can I use adsl when I'm a cable customer? I thought adsl was something to do with connecting to the net viaa your phone line.


  lofty29 15:07 16 Feb 08

sorry thought you were on bt line not cable. unless you changed from ntl to virgin you will still be ntl. I was with ntl freedom but changed to virgin media via bt line. you may not think you have altered it but try resetting it. I have had this myself. also when the connect box comes up on my pc (not sure about cable) I have the option " connect me only or any user" if I try me only then it will not accept password, only if I choose any user

  lofty29 15:34 16 Feb 08

also make sure your user name is correct

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