Has MSN gone on the blink today???

  AudioVic' 04:47 11 Mar 03

I can't get signed in to MSN today and find the site is a cannot display page error.

Anyone having like problems?

  dougiez 06:10 11 Mar 03

its seems to be alright for me

  Sir Radfordin™ 10:50 11 Mar 03

Had a problem first thing this morning but did eventually manage to sign in.

  Dr. Charles 10:55 11 Mar 03

I waqs unable to sign in at first y`day, but eventually it resolved itself


  anchor 13:05 11 Mar 03

MSN seems OK now; no problem in signing in. Perhaps they were doing some overnight work.

  roygbiv 16:09 11 Mar 03

It seems OK to me, so far so good , today.

  RickB 16:22 11 Mar 03

I've been having huge problems with MSN/Hotmail for a couple of months now. Getting into the MSN homepage is ok but getting on into Hotmail has become almost impossible.

Seems to have been since the new subscription option was launched..............

  AOL mad ™ 16:22 11 Mar 03

nope fine for me all day

  matt5705 16:31 11 Mar 03

had problems getting in but iv had an email off them saying there upgrading there system for more people!

  AudioVic' 17:00 11 Mar 03

Let's hope it gets better with it's upgrade!

All the best to you all

  AudioVic' 20:54 11 Mar 03

Yes I must need a medal for stupidity!

It was my own fault all along!

After formatting and re-installing my system, etc., I forgot to re-install Internet explorer.

I have re-installed IE 6 and-HEY PRESTO- all is now working fine.

What a plonker I am. Ha Ha

Thanks to all of you and remember this for future reference if you can't get MSN or others that need the browser in order to function properly!

All the best

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