Has motherboard died

  matt-few 20:44 13 Oct 08

I've installed a new Cooler Master 600w PSU for my father-in-law as I guessed it was starting to go - as when you turned the computer on, it would not always start first time. However, the new PSU is not powering on the computer, but the motherboard has a green light on it showing it is working.

I've since reinstalled the old PSU, but again I can't get the machine to start up. Could it be the motherboard has died completely. Its in a 6 year old Evesham tower, and the board is a ASUS P4B533.

Many thanks

  Technotiger 20:51 13 Oct 08

Hi, not necessarily the Mobo, could be the hard drive on its way out, 6yrs old!

  I am Spartacus 20:57 13 Oct 08

Did you plug in the 4 pin square PCU power connector (next to the main 20 pin motherboard one)? Also check the hard drive cables, both power and ribbon are fully home as they're easy to dislodge.

  skidzy 21:01 13 Oct 08

Not forgetting the ram,check the ram is clipped firmly into place.

Also check the vga cable is securely connected .

Any post beeps ?

  matt-few 21:09 13 Oct 08

Thanks to everyone for their comments. I've recently replaced the boot hard drive with a new one and that's when I wondered if there was a problem with the PSU.

When I push in the front "on" button, the computer does not start up - fans etc nor is their any signal coming from the graphics card to the screen. By the 20 pin motherboard cable slot, there is a 4 pin "molex?" slot (same as power on most older pc hardware), but also a four pin (two rows of two - P2 connector slot nearer to the processor near the middle of the board. Which one do you mean.

Have checked all cables in place ok, but still no joy.


  I am Spartacus 21:25 13 Oct 08

I was looking at the white plug connection on this picture. click here

You say that when you press the power button that nothing happens and had problems when it would not always start. It could be the power button that's faulty. If there's a reset button on the case try swapping that to the pins for power.

  matt-few 21:39 13 Oct 08

Unfortunately, there is no reset button. Evesham supplied the pc as a full size tower (more appropriate case for a server not a home pic 60 cm high). The photo is slightly different to the motherboard my father in law has, although I took the m/b details from the ASUS M/B driver cd Evesham supplied. This one has three memory slots as opposed the the photo "I am spartacus" supplied with just two.

Many thanks

  I am Spartacus 21:45 13 Oct 08

If you know which are the relevant pins you can short them with a screwdriver (which is what the switch does)

  matt-few 21:58 13 Oct 08

Excuse my ignorance - but is shorting just putting a screwdriver between the two pins?

I now seen on the motherboard it is marked ASUS P4B533-V but their website only refer to the X version and not the V!!

  I am Spartacus 23:51 13 Oct 08

Yes, just briefly connect the pins (as long as you know which ones are the right ones)

  phono 01:40 14 Oct 08

User manual for your motherboard at click here

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