Has Diskeeper Lite taken over Windows Defragger?

  Dipso 22:03 24 Aug 04

I have used DK Lite for some time now and although I find it does the job in a fraction of the time it takes Windows own defragger, it doesn't seem to do a "proper" job. That is, after it has finished, there are still fragments scattered throughout my drive.

I have read on here that it only takes the top off and feel this maybe the case, so I thought I would see what Windows defragger would do and it has gone? That is, I go Start>Programs>Acces>System Tools>Disk defragmenter and when I click it, it loads DK Lite?

What has happened to Windows Defragmenter, have I inadvertantly made DK Lite the default defragger?

  VoG II 22:06 24 Aug 04


  Dipso 22:12 24 Aug 04

OK, so I can't change this unless I uninstall?

I don't recall this happening on my previous PC that's all, I'm sure I had the option to use either.

I suppose I'll leave things as they are then but it's just frustrating that it leaves a "residue" of files further into the drive.

  Mikè 22:29 24 Aug 04

If I recall when I installed it, there was an option to integrate into the windows shell or not. I don't beleive that the XP defragger will be any better because it's made by the same people as DK-Lite.

  Mikè 22:30 24 Aug 04

Must use my spell-checker.

  VoG II 22:32 24 Aug 04

If you run Diskeeper twice the whole lot should go. Or use the Fit and Forget option.

  dagwoood 22:34 24 Aug 04

Dipso, if you decide to remove diskeeper, the XP defragmenter will become available. I use diskeeper lite and have never had the option to use the XP defragger while diskeeper has been installed.

As to diskeeper leaving "residue", these are files that are either system protected or in use. Even the XP defragger wouldn't be able to defrag these files.

I think you'll find that the defragger in XP was provided by Executive Software(the same company that produce diskeeper). The reason diskeeper is quicker isn't because is doesn't do a thorough job, it makes us of more up to date defrag software.


  Mikè 22:37 24 Aug 04

Yes if you use the "Set it and forget it feature" you will never have to defrag manually again. It will just run in the background, I have not manually defragmented my 5 drives for 18 months.

  Dipso 22:46 24 Aug 04

Thanks, I wasn't bad mouthing it, it was just something I read on here and I didn't notice the residue as I call it on my old PC. Perhaps it's because I defragged that from safe mode I don't know.

Thanks everyone.

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