has bulldog/piex/tiscali internet gone down?

  sunnystaines 22:51 13 Jul 09

for last hour had no wifi on wifes laptop [desktop out of action] tried tmobile dongle thats ok wondering if a problem with my net or not.

use bulldog, part of tiscali/pipex empire

  Stuartli 00:22 14 Jul 09

Have you checked the respective ISP's Status page?

  sunnystaines 01:09 14 Jul 09

no i will search now, thanks

  sunnystaines 01:42 14 Jul 09

Unable to find the BULLDOG web site, tried PIPEX but cannot find where they keep a status log.

still no connection.

  colberly 08:32 14 Jul 09

I use Pipex and there is no problem here.

  Stuartli 09:51 14 Jul 09

Tiscali Status page:

click here

Bulldog's website links up with the Pipex home page:

click here

Doesn't seem to be a Pipex Status page now.

  sunnystaines 17:56 14 Jul 09


links noted my router was damaged in a susp surge re load of firmware and reset of everything with the help of linskys support seems to have got it going again.

[tried system restore,reset of IE and more up till early hours last night]

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