Has BT Yahoo Mail Now Been Hacked

  proudfoot 11:18 10 Jul 11

I am on BT and use BT YahooMail. I checked my emails last night using Mailwasher last night and there were about 2 dozen emails that appeared to be returned undelivered mail, some were using chinese characters. These were on my primary email address which is not used othe than for logging in to my BT account. We have set up a number of secondary addresses for day to day use therefore I am surprised as the primary address is only used to log on to my BT account the primary enail address being the log in name.

I immediately bulk deleted them from within Mailwasher.

Is this a case of the BT server being hacked, have any other members had this experience.

  Zurdo 11:42 10 Jul 11

Not had any problems with my account. Hope you get it sorted.

  cruiser2 14:01 10 Jul 11

My problem seems to be in reverse of yours. I am with Talktalk. But for some reason, Yahoo has now appeared on my menu bar and I now get an error message saying my email has not been recognosed by Yahoo. Have never had any dealings with Yahoo

  northumbria61 15:07 10 Jul 11

If you are referring to the menu bar in Firefox. You need to select the "Tools" menu and go to "Add-ons". In the Add-ons dialog box select "Extensions at the top, then scroll down to find the "Yahoo" entry. Press the "Uninstall" button. You will need to restart Firefox to complete.

  morddwyd 18:37 10 Jul 11

This is just spam.

You or BT/Yahoo have not been hacked, but someone who has your e-mail address in their contacts has.

I get this sometimes, up to thirty in a day.

I must admit, though, they rarely get to my inbox, they normally get shunted straight to my spam folder

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