has bittorrent got viruses??

  GEEKSTA 15:18 30 Jul 07

Im going to switch from limewire to bittorrent but i want to know is it better in terms of saftey???

  johnnyrocker 15:39 30 Jul 07

i prefer shareaza myself.


  Mac70 15:44 30 Jul 07

It's not the software that will infect you. It depends on whether you download infected files from someone.
Some say torrents are safer, I dont have a clue if they are.

  GEEKSTA 15:47 30 Jul 07

ok, thats all i really needed
thanks mac70

  Kate B 16:01 30 Jul 07

Torrents are safer because what you are doing is downloading bits of a file from many different sources which all come together on your machine in one file. But you should scan anything you download anyway.

  hiwatt 16:22 30 Jul 07

Use utorrent rather than bittorrent,it's a very lightweight program and doesn't slow down your computer atall where as bittorrent really slows it down making it near impossible to do anything else on the computer while using it.

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