Has anyone noticed?

  LastChip 12:17 22 Dec 10

Just how resource hungry these new ads are?

If you look at these two system monitor shots click here you can see just how much resources are being used by the PCA site.

The first screen shot shows my computer browsing another site, with what I would consider "normal" CPU usage, the second browsing PCA.

I've always supported PCA's usage of ad's, as it is after all, a commercial site that is free to end user. But these ad's are begining to get ridiculous.

Yes, I'm fully aware you can use blockers and so on, but that rather defeats the purpose from PCA's perspective; doesn't it?

Whereas, I used to keep PCA in the background in case there was anything I could help out on, now I only switch it on a now and then to check. So is it self defeating?

  LastChip 12:22 22 Dec 10

Photobucket has reversed the order of the screen-shots, so mon1.jpg is now slide two!

  KremmenUK 12:40 22 Dec 10

On this office PC, when I scroll the mousewheel it can take up to 5 seconds for any movement.

Other forums are almost instant.

Very annoying

  rawprawn 12:56 22 Dec 10

I have no trouble at all, download and install
click here and keep it updated once a month.

  ashleycardwell94 01:03 23 Dec 10

i totally agree. its getting stupid. i go through the help room tabbing all of the things i think i can help in. Now though, i can only open 2-3 tabs of PCA before chrome gets unstable. PCA should stay as a website and not a hungry system process sowing down pcs.

I used to be against ad blockers for the same reasons as you, but when I installed Kaspersky about 6 months ago it had one built in to it which I allowed to run. Now when I visit PCA from a different computer, I am always taken back by just how badly the ads affect the site.

  Andsome 08:25 23 Dec 10

The pop ups are an absolute pain, and discourages people from visiting the site. Non pop ups are fine.

  LastChip 18:56 27 Dec 10

I've installed Ad blocker and that's solved the problem.

But hardly the right choice for PCA is it!

  woodchip 18:59 27 Dec 10

If you don't do nothing PCA will not help, all they will do is stick more bad Adds on. It all in your Court

  woodchip 19:02 27 Dec 10

PS I think like me you have Worked for it benefit of using a Add Blocker, with the Advice for PCA members like I have

  rdave13 19:06 27 Dec 10

This complaint comes up again and again. On IE8 and IE9b I don't get these problems. Scrolling is ok ,either side of the page is black, and no add between the reply box and main forum page. On IE I don't use any ad-blocker or anything to do with hosts files. They run with the usual add-ons, ie.,flash, java, silverlight..etc.
Running FF without ad-blocker shows what a nightmare this site can be, though.

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