has anyone any idea where I can get...high end PC.

  martjc 19:52 20 Sep 06

...It must conform to the following:

MB capable of handling TWO dual core processors.
High end graphics, capable of editing top line T.V. production.
Two HDD - each 250-300 GB.
Firewire capabilities.
19" TFT monitor.
Win XP Pro.

Any help will be apprciated. Thanks!

  Diodorus Siculus 19:58 20 Sep 06

Build your own would be my advice - find the motherboard you want and take it from there.

  martjc 20:13 20 Sep 06

...but this is for a client and needs to be spot on. He edits for a T.V. company, and needs th best.

Anyone help. Please!!!

  Totally-braindead 20:17 20 Sep 06

Alienware are high end PCs, expensive but use top quality components. It really depends on what you need. You could buy something like a top of the line Dell or Evesham.

  rdave13 20:19 20 Sep 06

You can try click here . Though I'e never used them.

  martjc 20:23 20 Sep 06

...Totally-braindead - why didn't I think of them?

Also Rdave13. I've already asked them for a quote.

We'll see.

  DrScott 20:31 20 Sep 06

They tailor make computers... not cheap though. click here

There is also SavRow, who also custom build high end PCs: click here

  interzone55 21:18 20 Sep 06

click here

Built too order, not cheap, but top notch components


  martjc 16:07 21 Sep 06

Have asked Alienware, who say it is not possible to put TWO dual core procs on one motherboard.

I think the guy was having me on. Closing this thread now

  Kate B 16:28 21 Sep 06

Try click here, it's a boutique company based in Canada that makes excellent machines and also has excellent customer service. Mine came from Voodoo.

  wee eddie 19:37 21 Sep 06

If he is Editing Video, surely Multi VDU capacity is more important.

I have yet to hear of software designed to run with Paired Dual Core Processors. There is little enough around designed specifically to run with Dual Core as it is.

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