Has anybody heard of Primus as a Broadband supplier?

  Debe 14 Oct 11

Trying to change ISP and phone provider and saw the option of Primus which I have never heard of. Has anybody dealt with them? thanks!

  onthelimit1 14 Oct 11

I'd never heard of them, but their deals look promising link here if anyone wants a look. I guess they're a small company which, if they are similar to my ISP Vispa, makes life much simpler when something goes wrong (tend to have UK based helprooms. In my case, I dial a local rate number and get directly through to an engineer). I'll be interested to hear comments on the company.

  rdave13 14 Oct 11

I've also never heard of them but the 20 gig allowance seems fair enough for the price.

  buteman 14 Oct 11

If you want to contact them by mail.

PO Box 25169 Glasgow G2 4UU

Not what you would expect normally you would find an address.

Apart from that it looks promising.

  mgmcc 14 Oct 11

Sound a bit dodgy - Primus, Planet Talk, Telegroup UK, New Call Telecom Ltd etc - with only a Glasgow PO box address, phone and fax nos which are definitely not Glasgow (London?) Phone: 0207 669 9343. Fax: 0207 669 9303.

This appears to be their website.

  buteman 14 Oct 11

Looks like a valid number but in the london area.


  spuds 15 Oct 11

Having a quick look around the internet, there doesn't seem to be very much about this company. More about a company with the same name, that suggests its Canadian but more like American?.

Here's a couple of 'reviews'?. http://ispreview.co.uk/isplist/ISPDetailBundlephp?Primus-233 http://dslreports.com/comments/164

  rdave13 15 Oct 11
  Muergo 15 Oct 11

Consumers Association Which? does not list them in the 114 they surveyed.

Top score went to ZEN followed by BE, O2,Utility Warehouse, Plusnet, with bottom of list AOL, Orange and Supanet, Talktalk squeezed in 6th from last.

  Muergo 15 Oct 11

Sorry missed out Eclipse from the top four providers.


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