Hardware upgrade help.

  scubaseven 10:54 18 Apr 09

My friend has an old home PC
It is running XP, 2.00GHZ, with 256mb RAM, and a 37.2 hard drive.
Wanting to upgrade as it is as slow as.
Was thinking of a 250gb hard drive and 1-2gb RAM.
I buy a 3.5 inch hard drive right? Format etc.
But what about the RAM?
Do I have to buy pairs?
And does it matter what sort?
Will the computer recognize the RAM when I install it? Never done it b4, only seen it done.

  (~oo~) 11:09 18 Apr 09

For the ram.

You will need the motherboard details or scan the computer from crucial with the scanner tool click here. This will tell you all the options you have for the ram in the computer.

For the hard drive

If you use the manufacturers web site and download the cloning tool. Yo will be able to transfer everything over to the larger drive. Or if you want a lean install, you just set the compter to boot from CD, with the new drive in and load windows on to this. If you use this method remember to disconnect the old 37 Gb drive.

  scubaseven 11:13 18 Apr 09

cheers about the RAM
but the hard drive was just going to be a secondary drive. So only need to format and partition, correct?
Keep the small hd, but add the 2nd.

  (~oo~) 11:36 18 Apr 09

Keep the small hd, but add the 2nd.

thats easy.

You will have to move the little plastic *jumper* on the back of the hard drive to slave ( probably). Slip the drive into the computer and fix with 4 screws. Connectthe IDE and power cable to the drive ( remember red stripe on IDE next to red wire on power plug:-) ). Start the computer.

Then right click my computer > manage > disk management and right click on the new drive.

You and format and partition the drive from there.

  (~oo~) 11:42 18 Apr 09

Yes you want a 3.5" drive. try and get a 7200 with 8Mb cache or above for the fastst drive.

like this one. click here

  scubaseven 12:02 18 Apr 09

thank you
will do the scan and see how it comes up
was pretty confident about the hd
does not sound too technical
have a good one

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