Hardware problems HELP!!!!

  dipstick01 20:21 21 Dec 05

my computer has a problem with the ram it keeps changing from 1024 to 512 i thought the ram was loose but i took them both out the put them back in, it worked, then it happend again i just turned the pc off this time then turned it back on and it was ok. Then i got a error with something to do with the a d and e drives i basically keep getting the same errors drive a d and e and memory change is it the hardware loose, because i do move it a lot from my office to home and its a desktop if so how do i fix this problem.

  VoG II 20:26 21 Dec 05

Please don't post multiple threads with the same problem click here

  Curio 20:27 21 Dec 05

running on the same problem. Suggest you tick one so that any responses you get are not duplicated on other thread.

  dipstick01 20:32 21 Dec 05

please just answer the problem cus it sucks my pc is screwed

  dipstick01 20:33 21 Dec 05

sorry if you take offence this is really anoying me

  Curio 20:36 21 Dec 05

Just pointing out confusion can arise.

  dipstick01 20:40 21 Dec 05

ok its the same problem ram and a d e drive errors keep comming and going one day it will be fine then the next ram changes from 1024 to 512 and errors with drives a d and e formatting or not there or summut. keep thinking somethings loose, but i cant see anything loose or maybe a virus? no idea i have done a avg computer scan though so i cant see how it could be a virus

  Totally-braindead 20:47 21 Dec 05

You'll have to try one thing at a time to see if it solves it, what I would initailly suggest is remove one bit of RAM, run it for a while and see what happens, if this is ok then swop them over and see what happens then. If both are ok running seperatly then I would suggest that the RAM slot on the motherboard is faulty. If not we'll have to try something else.

  Sharpamatt 20:48 21 Dec 05

I agree with both Vog and Curio, multiple threads add to a problem they dont solve it

I think you already have the possable cause in moving a desktop around, the inital problem seems to be the ram and then the D/E drives.

I would reset the Ram, check the connection cables on the drives ( which may have become dislodged when you first checked the Ram )

then leave it where it is untill you can ensure that its either moving it, ( it which case it wont happen )

or start looking elsewhere for the problem.

More to the point as this is fairly new, have you spoken to Dell. you must have a waranty on it.

Its also far easier if you need to take a system to and from work to use a laptop

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