Hardware Guru's - old mobo help needed URGENT!!

  spanneress 14:01 20 Oct 04

I am recycling 6 old donated PC's for charitable causes (yeah I know...long arduous task) all is well but I have come across a problem..the spec is AMD-K6 (500) chip, Jetway 542c(s) mobo - on all but one of these PCs (which I have installed both 2k & w98) I cannot get the modems to work. I Spent days installing older donated modems which took forever and didn't work so then purchased (horror of horrors) BRAND NEW MODEMS!! Those that work with older machines..the P&P works - installs the drivers correctly,,COM ports set correctly - Device Manager states all ok but I cannot get the software allowing web access to detect them..even if I try adding them that way!! What on earth am I doing wrong? These old PC's come from an old networked IT taining room so is it possible that the mobo's may have a jumper set which prevents activation of modems?

Any help gratefully received as I have to install this little lot on Friday and I can't see my front room floor!!

Thanks in desperation!!

  JonnyTub 14:20 20 Oct 04

ooooh... sticky situation.. would the manual help?

  JonnyTub 14:23 20 Oct 04
  JonnyTub 14:25 20 Oct 04

and a snippit from the manual

This “PNP and PCI configuration Setup” option configures the PCI bus slots. All PCI bus slots on the system use INTA#, thus all installed PCI cards must be set to this value."

  spanneress 14:37 20 Oct 04

Cheers chappy... I have tweaked the BIOS settings but couldn't find the cause of the problem and the Jetway site would only let me download the manual in Chinese <roll eyes>..I have read the relevent bits but the IRQ setting for the modem is fine - the OS see's it etc but when you load IE or try to go on line using a new manual connection the dialog box states it cannot detect the modem! Both 98 & 2k reprt the same error so it has to be the hardware...

  JonnyTub 14:41 20 Oct 04

what model modems are they spanneress?

  spanneress 14:51 20 Oct 04

They are Genius GM56PCI-LA models which are compatible with older machines. They are set to Comport 2 - 1 is set to an old serial mouse port - the machines are rather odd and old! The IRQ is 6 I think (am at my PC will run over and check)((no clash anyway and have tried forcing the modem to a different IRQ slot))..I have a screwdriver in one hand for the PCs and a larger one in the other hand for my truck as my rear brake lights have just 'gone' - together , for no apparent reason.

I think I will resign and take up knitting, home baking and wearing dresses...(",)

  Belatucadrus 15:06 20 Oct 04

click here of any interest ?

  spanneress 15:18 20 Oct 04

Bela et al - thanks for that - I am just re-installing one at the moment using 2k so will try again - the Genius modems don't seem to want to install using P&P for some reason also - although when I have used older Rockwells & Motorola's and the P&P set up has run, it automatically allocates them to Comm 2...will give it another try.


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