Hardware Graphics Accelerator

  MUTID 11:26 15 Apr 07

I have just recently bought a laptop. I loaded the game FIFA Manager 07 onto the laptop and everything was well. But when I tried opening it it said I need a HARDWARE GRAPHICS ACCELERATOR.

Any help will be appreciated


  baldtaco 11:32 15 Apr 07

It's telling you your graphics aren't up to it and you need a graphics card.

  MUTID 11:35 15 Apr 07

Can you get graphics cards for laptops?

  Belatucadrus 11:36 15 Apr 07

I don't think there's much if anything that can be done as upgrading graphics on 99% of laptops is impossible. So if it can't play the game as is, you're stuck.
What model laptop is it ?

  MUTID 11:38 15 Apr 07

It is a HP compaq nx9005

  X™ 12:08 15 Apr 07

I know it's not my topic, but I might look at one of those...

a guy at work uses one with a 7600gt, plays any game at full spec on a core duo laptop

i have just been corrected, apparently it's nvidia go 7600 graphics without the asus station

  MUTID 12:19 15 Apr 07

Do you know where I could get one of these 7600 gt and how much

  Belatucadrus 12:20 15 Apr 07

click here

"The graphics chip borrows system memory rather than having any of its own, and like most shared memory architectures, it suffers by comparison to GPUs with dedicated VRAM. Again though, the performance on offer is fine for 2D business applications, and shouldn’t be a problem for the typical NX9005 customer."

So it looks as if you're stuck as upgrades are out.

click here Looks as if the Asus XG isn't out yet and will probably only work when linked to an external monitor, which is going to make the whole ensemble costly and rather pointless.

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