Hardrive on my freeview box is almost full

  RobInnit 20 Jan 13

Does anyone know how to capture saved recordings from a freview box hardrive onto a a laptop/memory stick, (economically), in order to avoid a massive domestic? Many thanks.

  mole1944 20 Jan 13

Have you thogh of getting an external drive,inconveniant but should be on,other alternatives save your data to the cloud,buy a NAS drive,uofrade your hard drive in the laptop or like me i have space for a seconf drive in my HP machine.

  Batch 20 Jan 13

Depending on what Freeview box it is (go on, give us a hint) you might be able to swap out the existing HDD and install a new one. Then you could try to access the files from elsewhere (but they may not be in a format that is readily playable on PCs etc.).

Alternative is to connect up a DVD recorder to your TV / Freeview box set-up and burn some of the recordings to DVD and then delete from Freeview box.

  chub_tor 20 Jan 13

Click Here for instructions on how to do it with a Humax Freesat HDR - this is what I used. It maybe works with other Humax models.

  Chronos the 2nd 20 Jan 13

Or you could watch some of your recordings and then delete them. I am stunned that you have found enough stuff worth recording on TV to fill up a HDD. I have a PVR and am lucky if I have as much as 5-6 hours of unwatched material and this is of programs recorded over a month.

  lotvic 20 Jan 13

Posted by lotvic

as the poster at 10:10am has said, it depends on the make and model of the Freeview pvr. Humax Freesat are easy to copy to either a usb ext hard drive or usb flash drive. I suggest you look at the manual which should give instructions (but sometimes it takes some working out), and tell us the make and model so we can advise.


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