Philwane 08:15 15 Sep 04

Every now and again I can hear a slow clicking from my computer while I hear this clicking my screen freezes and I cannot do anything untill the clicking stops.

Does this mean my hard drive is on the way out?

Because the screen freezes when I hear the clicking does this mean its the boot drive?

  Philwane 11:51 15 Sep 04


  alnwrd 11:57 15 Sep 04

clicking, if it is not coming from the internal speaker, implies a mechanical problem within the computer.

The only mechanical things are the hard drive and the cpu fan. If the fan is faulty the computer will hang as the temperature invreases. You may also have a case fan which could also be implicated

  alnwrd 11:59 15 Sep 04

just thought, you may also have a fan on your graphics card

  Philwane 13:44 15 Sep 04

If it were a fan would'nt it be clicking fast
Woud the harddrive click if it were overheating?

  Philwane 15:27 21 Sep 04

Thanks for all your help I bought a new harddrive just incase the harddrive was failing when i went to fit new harddrive noticed fans on front of case were blowing air out instead of taking air in I reversed the fans and the harddrive has stopped clicking ( I guess it was overheated )

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