harddisk problem

  oldnovice 12:04 02 Jun 04

when i turn on my pc it stops in the process and i get this msg PRI MASTER HARD DISK:S.M.A.R.T STATUS BAD, BACKUP AND REPLACE press F1 to continue. i contacted the help line and reset the bios to default but still got same problem and said my H/D was on the way out run scandisk found i had 10.283520 bad sectors so refomated hard drive reinstalled win/xp still get same problem pc works fine after pressing F1 but i've lost 10gb of memory in bad sectors i dont think it is the H/D i think its something the grandchildren have done over the w/end.
win/xp 20gb h/d not connected to internet old pc in spare room can anyone help or is it the h/d
have internet conn on main pc if need to download
Thanks Dave

  LastChip 13:15 02 Jun 04

Is a program designed to monitor the health of your hard drive. It's not infallible, but the probability is, you hard drive is about to fail.

If you have any important data on it, back up NOW!

  Rayuk 13:27 02 Jun 04

No.1 backup
No.2 Download diagnostics program from hard drive manufacturers and run it

  oldnovice 17:31 02 Jun 04

LastChip and Rayuk thanks for advice think i will use till it dies then replace,

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