Harddisk Error

I was on my computer earlier tonight browsing the internet and listening to music when my tower started making clicking noises and my computer would sort of freeze then unfreeze so I switched it off and restarted it up.When I switched it back on it started normally except that I got two messages I have never seen before

Detecting Primary Master then Detecting Primary Slave (sounds kinky I know lol) then I got a message saying


So I inserted the system disk into the floppy drive and pressed enter.Next I got a message up saying starting windows then I got messages flash up about my CD Rom Device Drivers and my Mouse Driver then I came to a screen which is all blue and at the top it says Quick Restore Windows ME.In the middle of this screen was a box with an error message in the message said

Harddisk Error

There is no harddisk connected or the harddisk cannot be identified correctly.Please check the hardware configuration. then it has a box at the bottom saying Reboot to try the reboot again.

The operating system iam using is Windows ME I have tried going into the bios to restore default setting and I have tried running in safe mode but it makes no difference. In fact when I tried to run it in safe mode it gave the following messages

Following files are missing or corruptted


Any help with what the problem may be and how I could solve it would be much appreciated.

  Lozzy 00:55 23 Jul 03

Afraid to say your Hard Drive has gone to that great Data Graveyard in the sky.. If you can still get into it back up your data and get a new HDD..

  seedie 07:54 23 Jul 03

Sometimes you can read from a HD even though it won't boot.Boot from a floppy and see if you can salvage anything from it.
Transfer what you can to the slave.

Consider it a good excuse to buy a new drive!


  wee eddie 21:43 23 Jul 03

Before you try to turn it on again.

Try to sort a way to copy your Hard Disk.

Personally I would get a local PC Tech to slave your Hard Drive to another, and copy its contents as yours might not last long enough to burn it's contents to CD

  woodchip 22:08 23 Jul 03

You could get a HD check software from the manufacturers and run it to see what's going of

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