hard power down query

  moorie- 17:00 14 Mar 07

my daughters pc os xp pro, when hard powered down (if thats the correct term)wont power back up again unless she unplugs the power cable from pc and socket.
ive never used xp pro,is this a setting in xp pro or some sort of hardware protection?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:12 14 Mar 07

You should NEVER hard power down unless it will not switch off any other way.

will cause corruption to your operating system, HDD damage if writing to drive at the time, you may therefore NOT get it to reboot into Windows.

  moorie- 17:17 14 Mar 07

Thanks fruitbat,
i agree and have already told her this,but apparently it has locked up a few times and she had no other choice(although not regularly 3/4 times in 5 months)
but regarding the question...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:31 14 Mar 07

While cable is still in PSU is live.
If HPD then PSU has not recieved power down signal from motherboard, recieves a power up signal and therefore ignores as thinks PC is still on.

Removing cable or switching off at socket, PSU switches off completly and therefore on repowering will accept powerup signal from board.

  moorie- 17:34 14 Mar 07

Thanks Fruitbat for the explanation

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