hard error

  pat2068 19:48 02 Mar 07

could someone please tell me what this could be i switched on my computer and left it when i came back into it i had a blue screen with HARD ERROR UNKNOWN HARD ERROR i switched it of and on again i got the page with last known good configeration went with that and it worked have done file system check no errors and nothing in event viewer thanks leo

  woodchip 19:50 02 Mar 07

double click my computer right click C:\ run disc checker in tools tab tick the box to auto fix

  pat2068 19:51 02 Mar 07

i have done that but no errors thanks leo

  woodchip 19:51 02 Mar 07

check the report to see if there are any bad sectors. if not it is a hardware problem. it could be faulty memory

  pat2068 19:54 02 Mar 07

have checked the report nothing there the memory was only put in by pc world in december 2x 256 is there any was i can check the memory without having to go into the computer thanks leo

  woodchip 20:01 02 Mar 07

You could try just one stick at a time

  woodchip 20:03 02 Mar 07

This can do some checks click here

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