hard drives groaning!

  phoenix_one 12:20 25 May 03

I've had my Mesh PC for a while now and its worked fine.

Recently It has started to groan loudly from the moment it is turned on but turning it off for a few seconds and then turing it back on seems to stop this happening.

Restarting the computer does not stop this and i have run both scandisk and defrag successfully with no errors.

The performance of the hard disk is fine though, it doesn't groan when accessing data and there are no other problems.

before we continue are you certain that its the HDD?

  phoenix_one 12:29 25 May 03

Yes certain, opened the case and took a long time working out where the noise was coming from.

And i know its not dust, and checked all cables, screws, powersocket the LOT. The hard drive still groans

if this noise is a new thing then i would definitely suggest buying a new one one quickly as it would seem to be on its way out, have you installed software like the Intel Application Accellerator?

  Rayuk 13:05 25 May 03

Download diagnostic software from the manufacturer and run it and see if it gives you any error codes.
Would first back up anything important you want to keep just in case.

  Dave Bowman 13:27 25 May 03

I had a similar noise problem not so long ago and thought it was the HDD but the Evesham engineer found that the real cause was a failing mobo fan (on the north-bridge).
If you are sure its the HDD don't hang about, take the advice already given above.

  bobbybowls 13:38 25 May 03

my 120g maxtor drive was doing that from new,i had the bios set to return the pc to its last state when pluged in, when i changed it to power off it stopped.im not a expert and it might be coinsidence but worth a try.

  DieSse 13:40 25 May 03

I have to agree that the most likely cause is not the HDD. So make absolutely sure, by unplugging the power from it, and then testing again.

If it is the drive, then it will almost certainly need replacing. Try setting SMART to enabled in the BIOS, then getting a free trial fo Active SMART click here - this will tell you if any HDD operating parameters are out of kilter.

  wee eddie 22:11 26 May 03

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