Hard Drives

  bribar 13:24 25 Aug 08

Running Vista
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to take the contents of C drive (shared C D & E) and place it onto a seperate hard drive, to be called C
If it can, could you please tell me a simple way how it can be done.

  peter99co 13:30 25 Aug 08

No. But you can have a drive called F

  Batch 13:34 25 Aug 08

If you mean that you currently have a physical disk divided into 3 partitions (C, D & E) and want to take the C partition and make it as a single partition occupying the whole of another physical disk, then the answer is yes.

This is best done with software such as Acronis True Image.

  Diemmess 13:51 25 Aug 08

You can copy and paste data from any drive to any drive.
This does NOT apply to the operating system and any installed applications will have lost their original path references in the registry.

Another disappointment is that if using Acronis to make a safe working copy to the new C: it will work, but trying it with say D: will overwrite C: on that new drive....!!*!

In other circumstances it my be possible to merge the drives with a program like PQMagic, but the same drive letter confusion snags will apply though you might be able to uninstall/reinstall the applications which no longer work.

  Jak_1 13:58 25 Aug 08

You don't say whether your drive is ide or sata, however, I would hazard that one of the partitions is the recovery drive (usually 'D')!
Easiest way would be to insert a second drive and transfer the contents of one of the partitions to the new drive, not, re not the recovery drive. Leave current drive as C, transfer the contents of the 'E' to the new drive 'F probably) then delete the 'E' partition on the main drive. You can then re-name the 'F' drive to 'E'.
Is your comp a desktop or laptop? If a laptop then I would get an enclosure box to put the new drive into as there is no space to fit a second hdd within the laptop.

  bribar 15:07 25 Aug 08

Thanks you all for your input, I have a desk top PC. I think Jak_1 has the best solution for me. Although not exactly what I required it seems the only way i can go without formatting the hard drive.

  Batch 17:21 25 Aug 08

In my earlier reply I had worked with the premise that you just wanted the existing C partition put onto a new disk occupying the entire disk.

If what you ultimately want to do is merge your existing C, D and E into a single partition, then the approach depends upon what you have in those partitions and how much spare space you have in the C partition.

In any event, the first thing to do before doing anything else is to back it all up. This is best done with (you know what I'm going to say here....)software such as Acronis True Image. E.g. clone the whole hard disk to another hard disk.

If you have enough spare space in C for the contents of D & E - good.

If not, but there is enough spare space overall between C, D & E. Then resize the partitions so that all the spare space is in C.

Then transfer the contents of D & E to C. How you do this will depend entirely upon what is on D & E (post back here and someone will probably help). Furthermore, if you have software installed on D or E, you almost certainly will not be able to successfuly transfer these (the software would need to be reinstalled from scratch on C).

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