Hard drives

  Pau1JB 21:01 12 Feb 04

I was thinking of getting a new hard drive. I was looking at the 120gb western digital special ed and the 160gb version of it too. I was reading reviews of the 160gb and it said u needed a controller card to run hard drives over 140gb or somethign like that, is this true, and if so y?
I have a HighPoint Rocket 133S U-ATA/133 u/Bios
1 channel disk controller, will this card do the job if i buy the 160gb and need a card to run it?


  AubreyS 21:40 12 Feb 04
  DieSse 22:07 12 Feb 04

Whether your system can run a drive over 137Gb is all down to the motherboard/BIOS/version of Windows.

See here for exlanation - courses of action click here

  temp003 01:26 13 Feb 04

ATA-133 itself is supposed to support hard disks over 137GB. Since your computer has an ATA-133 controller, there should be no problem.

  Pau1JB 16:03 13 Feb 04

does it support over 137gb

thanks for the help

  temp003 23:31 13 Feb 04


Asus website doesn't mention anything about over 137GB hdd, but the motherboard chipset supports ATA-133. Since ATA-133 is supposed to use 48 bit addressing, I'm pretty sure that a maker like ASUS will support it in the BIOS.

Finally, since you have an ATA-133 PCI controller card anyway, you're safe. It will support hdd over 137GB, irrespective of whether your motherboard supports it. The controller card has its own BIOS.

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