Hard drive swop & files

  Highlander1 16:07 19 Jun 03

Could someone please tell me how to trancfer all my files and operating system from my old hard drive to my new one, they are both installed on my computer at the momment.
But the old hard drive is slowing down the new one so i would like to get ride of the old.

Many Thanks
Mad H

  pj123 16:50 19 Jun 03

What operating system are you using? if it is Win98SE make sure your new drive is formatted and blank. ie. does not have anything on it. If that is the case, boot your PC into windows and go to: Start, Run and type in xcopy c:\*.* /e/h/k/r/c d: and then press enter. When that has finished take out your old drive and make the new drive master (using the BIOS) then save settings and reboot.
Make sure you put the spaces in the right place. If you are using Windows XP it won't work.

  Diemmess 17:13 19 Jun 03

If your o/s is win98se, xcopy won't do here either.
You will either have to use image software like Ghost or Drive Image to transfer your OS.
The slowing up may be the result of having a tired o/s and all sorts of bits lying about the drive that you thought you had been rid of long ago

Far better in the long term do a fresh install on the new drive.
Only consider saving everything on the old drive if it is critcal that you do.

  Wak 21:51 19 Jun 03

Hi, I run Win98SE and always use XXCOPY to clone my C\ drive to my D:\ drive as a complete backup. This prog will copy all your system files, registry, programs and data files.
Check it out at XXCOPY.COM.
It's a great, FREE program and it's quick and easy to use.
After installing the program on your C:\ drive, go to Start/ Programs/ MS Dos Prompt and in the box type;


I've used it for over two years now with no problems.
If your C:\ drive goes belly up, simply copy the D:\ drive back again with XXCOPY D:\ C:\/CLONE.

  Highlander1 08:58 20 Jun 03

My operating sys in windows xp home !!

  pj123 13:27 20 Jun 03

Don't forget though, if you want to transfer to a new hard disk because your old one has problems, both xcopy and xxcopy will copy the problems as well so Diemmess suggestion may be the better option.

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