Hard Drive Space...???

  DANZIG 11:25 23 Feb 04

I have downloaded and run Aida32 and although I've managed to make sense of most of it, I have a question.

On the 'Logical Drives' section of it, which I assume is my hard drive, there are 3 sections that have something in (C:BOOT, D:BACKUP and E:RECOVER).

The 'C:BOOT' bit has 10% free space and the 'D:BACKUP' bit has 97% free space.

Is there any way I can utilise the 97% that is free in the 'D:BACKUP' bit for everyday use. And if not why not and what is it used for???

  stlucia 13:06 23 Feb 04

Yes, you should be able to use your D:\ and E:\ drives for everyday use.

Sounds like your drive was partitioned into three parts by the vendor, and the names "Backup" and "Recover" were given to D:\ and E:\. But the names given to the drives don't restrict what you use them for in any way. Even if you've got some utility that's making automatic backups onto D:\ and E:\, you can still add new folders to the drives and use them for what you want.

  interzone55 14:14 23 Feb 04

I would assume that if you have only just discovered that you have d: & e: drives, then they are hidden, so you won't be able to use them.

The 97% free space on d:\ could also be misleading. it could mean that that it is only a tiny partition, with a very small amount of data on it.

Most PC manufacturers use a hidden partition to hold a backup of your software, when you want to reload you software from scratch you just insert a recovery CD at bootup & this runs something like Norton Ghost to wipe you drive & recover your operating system and software from this hidden partition.
If this is the case, you will not be able to access this space without damaging your restore package.

If you only have 10% space left on C: you could with getting a new Hard Drive as a slave and shifting your software & data onto this new drive, as once you get below 10% free space windows has real difficulty managing the swap file & finding space to save data.
Also, think about uninstalling any games & programs you no longer use.

  DANZIG 14:59 23 Feb 04

The 97% equates to 15496 Mb. Does that sound about right?

I'm planning on getting a new hard drive anyway soon.

Thanks for the info people!!!

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