Hard drive review?

  Mr Alien 10:31 22 Apr 03

I am looking to buy an ATA133 7200 rpm Hard drive.
I need at least 80gb.

Are there any reviews around that could help me find the best one?

  MAJ 10:52 22 Apr 03

Hard Drive Review.

Don't buy an IBM drive.

Buy a MAXTOR, Seagate or Western Digital.

End of Hard Drive Review.

  Mr Alien 11:01 22 Apr 03


are there any wesbites that review in depth?

  MAJ 11:06 22 Apr 03

This is the first one that came up on Google click here Mr Alien.click here There are others as well.

  MAJ 11:11 22 Apr 03

This click here is the second one from click here=
Hope they help a little Mr Alien.

  Mr Alien 11:44 22 Apr 03

cheers Maj

I was looking at getting the IBM Deskstar 180GXP 120gb because it seems the fastest, and is quite cheap (£/gb).

However should I trust IBM for reliability?
Maybe I should get the Maxtor DiamondMax Plus9 6Y120P0 120gb instead?

  MAJ 11:53 22 Apr 03

And that's the rub, Mr Alien. Personally speaking, no I don't trust IBM drives, I've seen too many of them die after a (not too long) space of time. I always use Maxtor drives and know Seagate drives are also excellent, I've never bought Western Digital, but know, from this and other forums, that they are reliable. Of course any drive can die, Mr Alien, it's just IBMs seem to do it on a more regular basis.

The IBM Deskstar Drives are not knows as "Death Star" for nothing!!

They have a horrible reputation for failure.

As above, Maxtor, with the larger Buffer, are excellent!

  Mr Alien 12:32 22 Apr 03

Thanks, I will avoid IBM then.
I'll try and get a Maxtor 8mb buffer.

I am going to Tottenham Court Road next week so I will look there for bargains.

  jrt 09:14 01 May 03

Don't get an IBM! The first was replaced under warranty - after many Emails etc. The second is scrap.

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