Hard drive and restore factory settings.

  scubaseven 13:32 21 Mar 09

If I do a complete system restore on my laptop can I simply remove the 2nd hard drive and replace it after the restore without having to copy all the data to an external HD? And upon restore simply replace and go again? Or would I still need to reformat anyways?

  Jak_1 13:39 21 Mar 09

I see no need to take the drive out in the first place. If you mean restoring to factory original state, then doing that should only affect the drive with the OS on and leave any data on the second drive intact. I did that a few times with my previous tower and never lost any data on the d drive. However if you want peace of mind that you won't lose any data then simply remove the second drive, do your restore and then re-attach the second drive and voilla, all should be well.

  scubaseven 13:49 21 Mar 09

I thought it should be that easy but you never know.

  PO79 13:49 21 Mar 09

If you have installed Apps\Games to the second HD then it will not work for them as some files are always installed to the C:\ drive. If it is only data then it should be as Jak_1 stated.

  scubaseven 13:53 21 Mar 09

yep just data
mostly tv shows

  Jak_1 13:56 21 Mar 09

You're welcome.

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