Hard Drive Replacement

  Murielson 1 30 Jun 11

Had a search around and all current comments appears to be at least a year plus old so thought I would ask the hrad drive replacement question agian for an updated response.

Bottom line is my current HDD appears to be getting somewhat unreliable and I would like to replace it with minimum fuss and effort. Computer is an Advent 9207 Desktop, several years old, running Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 (build 2600). Hard drive to be replaced is a Maxtor 6L250S0 250 GB.

I would like to replace the HDD with a newer and greater capacity HDD (500 GB min but notice that there are very reasonably priced 1.5 and 2 TB around). Hopefully I can just copy complete content of current HDD (including applications) to the replacement, install replacement and then just carry on. Is this the case or am I being somewhat hopeful/naive?

Any recommendations for HDD, software etc that can be used to accomplish what I am after (preferably free software) would be most welcome. Will also then re-format replaced HDD, put it in a caddy and just use for miscellaneous, not too important stuff.

Thoughts appreciated and many thanks in advance.

  The Kestrel 30 Jun 11

Many HDD manufacturers,such as Seagate include free software to enable you to transfer the contents of your old HDD to the new one.

  Nontek 30 Jun 11

link text This free software will do what you want, that is - Clone old drive to new drive. This takes complete contents of old drive to the new drive, you then simply replace the two drives and hey-presto, done.

Put new drive in Caddy to make the Clone, then change the actual drives over.


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