Hard drive repair,help needed.

  Tesla 01:19 13 Jan 03
  Tesla 01:19 13 Jan 03

i have a hard drive which i'm trying to repair but can't find a spares supplier,anyone help?
It's a Seagate,20.4 gig,part ST320423A,the circuit board is damaged so either a board from a supplier or a working board from a scrapper will do.I only need to get it running long enough to get the stuff off it that i want.Please feel free to to give me a long and well deserved lecture about backups.Thanks.

  AndySD 01:26 13 Jan 03

Looks like a hunt on e-bay time.

  Tesla 01:41 13 Jan 03

Yes,that's what i thought but no luck as of yet+i don't know if 'same series' parts would work.

  wawadave 03:11 13 Jan 03

check your loacal ma and pa shop they might have one sitting in dust bin

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