Hard Drive Question

  gerry66 19:14 15 Nov 06

Can anyone tell me why you can't use all of a hard drive. By this i mean there always seems to be a percentage you don't have access to.
I have a 30gb hd in my laptop and an 120gb external. I only have access to 28gb's of the small hd and a 114gb's on the external.
Thanx for any answers.

  HondaMan 19:27 15 Nov 06

is probably "lost" in the formatting and the "misleading" use of the value of 1000 as opposed to 1024 when calculating disk capacity.

Try a search in the main helproom forum under, say, disk capacity.

  Diemmess 19:32 15 Nov 06

Depends whether you are buying or selling!
In arithmetical terms the lowest possible unit is a bit (Either on or off)
8 bits make one byte.

The number keeps doubling - 8,16,32,64 etc, all the way to say 1Kb which is really 1024 bytes.

By the time you reach 1Gb it is either a true 1024,000,000 bytes of if you are selling the thing you can still sell a 1Gb device even though its size may be around 24Mb short!

At least that's my way of looking at it

  gerry66 19:55 15 Nov 06

thanx hondaman and diemmess(i think), don't know where you got the idea i was selling it from, i just want to reclaim those extra gigs.

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