Hard Drive Problems

  RobCharles1981 07 Oct 11

Hi All

one of my hard drives (Sata) is playing up I recently added another Sata Drive and Disconnected the others for safety the new Drive Drive I fitted found out had bad sectors so its going to be rmad.

I connected up the hard drives back up one of the drives wasnt picked up in Windows I checked power connections and data cables ect nothing, the Bios Doesn't pick it up.

I'm wondering could it be a power cable fault?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 07 Oct 11

Check BIOS sometimes you need to enable some of the SATA ports

  northumbria61 07 Oct 11

If your computer does not automatically detect your new drive, follow the steps below.

  1. Restart your computer. While the computer restarts, run the system setup program (sometimes called BIOS or CMOS setup). This is usually done by pressing a special key, such as DELETE, ESC, or F1 during the startup process.

  2. Within the system setup program, instruct the system to auto detect your new drive.

  3. Save the settings and exit the setup program. When your computer restarts, it should recognize your new drive

  RobCharles1981 07 Oct 11

It seems my inclin was right it looks like some connections on the cable are duff, I went out and brought a Sata to Molex Connector and the drive is picked up.

  northumbria61 07 Oct 11

Thanks for the feedback - hope all is running well again.

  gengiscant 07 Oct 11

Sometimes we tend to look for the more complicated solutions here. A simple cable replacement has solved the problem.LOL

  RobCharles1981 07 Oct 11

Ile be getting replacement psu cables very shortly it's strange this. I tried all combinations still nothing it was left scratching my head !


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